HamRepair.com is strategically located in the state of Texas to provide the lowest possible shipping expense for Amateur Radio operators within the Continental U.S.

When shipping equipment for repair, we recommend that you place the equipment in it's original carton. If the original carton is not available, bubble wrap the equipment and place it into a box.

Then, place the original carton or box inside of another box with a minimum of 2 inches of styrofoam peanuts surrounding the inner and outer boxes.

Please include the following information:



Physical Shipping Address (No P.O. Box):




Phone #:

Email address:


Description of problem:

Be sure to state if the problem is associtated with RX and/or TX operation, and if problem is band specific.
Also state if addtional work is requested, such as MARS/CAP mod or memory battery replacement.

Finally, we recommend shipping insurance at replacement value, in case of damaged or lost shipment.

Our shipping address is: HamRepair.com
1230 Flagstone Dr.
San Antonio, Texas 78260

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